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We're bringing you the very best teachers, luminaries, and change agents for timely conversations on current events and culture, and practices for building resilience, stoking creativity, and staying inspired.


Omega Conversations are available on demand at Omega’s Facebook Live page immediately after they are completed. They are also available on this page 2 business days after they conclude.

  • Creating Inclusion With Yoga

    Yoga culture advocate Susanna Barkataki and yoga teacher and spiritual activist Seane Corn discuss how the commitment to inclusivity is a practice, just like yoga.
  • Video

    17th Annual Women & Power

    1:21:18 minute watch

    Finding 'Smart Hope'

    The 17th Annual Women & Power Conference opens with uplifting music by singer/songwriter Morley, accompanied by Mayra Casales and Christopher Bruce, followed by opening remarks from Omega board member Jamia Wilson and a keynote with author and Omega cofounder Elizabeth Lesser.
  • Post-Traumatic Growth: When Crisis Becomes Opportunity

    In this Omega Conversation with Omega board member Manuela Roosevelt, neuroscientist and physician Dr. Tobias Esch shares insights from his research on the neurobiology of stress, happiness, and crisis and how our biology has well equipped us to deal with stress and challenges as we go through life.
  • On Revival and Courage

    Authors Anne Lamott and Neal Allen talk with Omega cofounder Elizabeth Lesser about everything from marriage, to their different ways of writing, to their divergent spiritual paths that embrace Christianity, Sufism, Buddhism, and beyond.
  • Building Resilience

    Dr. Andrea Pennington shares proven resources to help you build resilience, reclaim vitality, and thrive despite life's inevitable ups and downs. Join her for a practice to help you reconnect to self-compassion (starts at 16:40).
  • Finding True Solutions to Plastic Waste

    Former EPA regional administrator and founder of Beyond Plastics, Judith Enck, shares with Omega CEO Skip Backus scientific research on plastic, how it affects the health of our oceans, rivers, and streams, its impact on global warming, and its public health consequences.
  • Reclaiming the Human Journey

    Cofounders of GirlTrek, T. Morgan Dixon and Vanessa Garrison, moderated by Omega president Carla Goldstein, explore what it takes to heal generational trauma, commit to radical rest, restore ancestral lines, unlearn the bounds of patriarchy and structural racism, and build a joyful, spiritually connected way forward. Conscious Dance facilitator Jeanine T. Abraham leads a joyful rhythm-based practice.
  • Linking Efforts for Gender Equality

    In this Omega Conversation, Nigerian human rights leader Hafsat Abiola, senior editor at TIME Naina Bajekal, and Omega president Carla Goldstein explore what it will take to build a world that fosters gender equality, healthy families and communities, and a peaceful, just, and sustainable world—for everybody.
  • What Will It Take From Each of Us?

    In this Omega Conversation, cofounder of Living Room Conversations (LRC) Joan Blades and LRC racial equity partner Brialle Ringer speak with Omega president Carla Goldstein about how we can take the first steps to repair the dis-unity that we've witnessed in our families, community, and nation.
  • Staying Connected

    Relationship experts and longtime Omega teachers Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt share some of the best tools they’ve discovered for creating and keeping meaningful connections, even in stressful times.
  • The Earth & You

    Storyteller, fearless Indigenous activist, and two-time Green Party vice presidential candidate Winona LaDuke and Omega CEO Robert “Skip” Backus come together for a conversation that can help you reaffirm your relationship with the planet and our human family.
  • Video

    Expressing Love & Interconnectedness

    1:02:19 minute watch

    A Deep Expression of Love

    Release pandemic fatigue, tap into your inner wisdom, and feel a deep expression of love in this Omega Conversation with our dear friend and spiritual teacher Adyashanti. For a connected meditation jump to 19:25, and don't miss the question and answer session starting at 35:50.
  • The Stories We Tell

    Journalist and former first lady of California Maria Shriver interviews Omega's cofounder Elizabeth Lesser about her new book Cassandra Speaks, which is all about the stories we tell and how those stories become the culture, including what it means to be courageous and strong in these times.
  • Confronting Racism With Mindfulness

    Internationally recognized mindfulness teacher and law professor Rhonda V. Magee and Omega president Carla Goldstein discuss how inner tools can help us understand racism and other forms of bias in our lives and institutions. Skip ahead to 34:01 for a contemplative practice.
  • Helping Children & Teens Thrive

    Little Flower Yoga founder Jennifer Cohen Harper explains how we can help kids and teens grappling with big questions and emotions about Coronavirus, protests, going back to school, and much more, when we ourselves are facing the same anxieties. For a kid-friendly mindfulness practice, go right to 26:25.
  • What Will Rise From These Times?

    Celebrated musician and philanthropist Peter Buffett and Omega cofounder Elizabeth Lesser explore what will rise from the ash of these times and be reborn.
  • Facing Two Pandemics: Coronavirus & Racism

    Beloved social justice activist Sister Joan Chittister and Omega board member Jamia Wilson explore the kind of courage needed to be accountable, promote healing, and build partnerships across difference in the face of Coronavirus and racism. For a prayer practice with Sister Joan, skip to 55:44.
  • Coping With Collective Trauma

    Together, esteemed spiritual teacher Thomas Hübl and Omega’s CEO Robert “Skip” Backus explore trauma dynamics—past and present—and strategies to effectively address the crisis for ourselves and our community. You can also join Thomas for a healing meditation at 31:40.
  • A Painful Crisis, Valuable Lessons

    Omega cofounder Elizabeth Lesser and spiritual leader Iyanla Vanzant discuss how a crisis can also carry valuable lessons for life. Join Iyanla for a 5-minute guided meditation at 27:48.
  • How Couples Can Weather Sheltering at Home Together

    Relationship experts Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt discuss how to create and keep a successful relationship in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Watch them demonstrate their Safe Conversations Process at 28:14.
  • Video

    Boost Your Immunity During The Pandemic

    1:07:12 minute watch

    Practices to Protect Your Immune System

    Qigong healer Robert Peng shares the 'Wogo' technique (at 4:32), as well as the Four Cycles practice, the basic exercise of Shaolin Temple monks for generating 'guardian qi' (at 16:50), to help you boost your immune system.
  • Sheltering in Love

    Ali Smith, Atman Smith, and Andres Gonzalez of the Holistic Life Foundation guide us to embrace unconditional love to bring solace to ourselves, our children, and our families during these stressful times. Try their 8-minute guided healing breath to help relieve stress at 31:08.
  • How to Be With & Emerge From Trauma

    Join Omega cofounder Elizabeth Lesser and Loung Ung, survivor of the Cambodian genocide, for a talk about what it takes to choose resilience, even as we allow ourselves to have moments of freaking out and grieving for who and what is being lost. To practice Loung's 4-part exercise to neutralize inner turmoil, jump to 44:00.
  • Heart-Based Teachings for These Times

    In this moving Omega Conversation, two of the most heartful teachers we know, angel Kyodo williams and Jon Kabat-Zinn, offer us compassion and insight into our essential humanity in this crisis. Go right to 39:56 to practice taking a SKY view, a 5-minute contemplation to help evaluate Self-care, Kindness, and Yearning.
  • Video

    Facing Pandemic Fears With a Wise Heart

    48:55 minute watch

    Facing Fears With a Wise Heart

    Join internationally known meditation teacher Tara Brach as she talks about the vulnerability we are all facing in these times of the Coronavirus pandemic. To try a guided RAIN compassion practice with her, a 4-step process to help reconnect to your inner wisdom, jump to 20:47.
  • This New Normal

    Omega's cofounder Elizabeth Lesser shares an inspirational message for coming together to be the kind of people the world needs now and answers questions from those who joined the call live. To go straight to her 10-minute "strong and kind" guided meditation, jump to 21:45.