Yang Yang


Yang Yang

Yang Yang, PhD, is a qigong and t’ai chi (taiji) master, educator, and researcher. By drawing on both traditional teachings and Western science, he has demystified and distilled qigong and t’ai chi (taiji) into an evidence-based training program that cultivates a tranquil mind, strong body, and youthful vitality.

Dr. Yang trained with top Chinese martial arts masters and won three major collegiate championships in China, and later founded the New York-based Center for Taiji and Qigong Studies. In 2006, the World Congress on Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine named him Qigong Master of the Year. 

Dr. Yang’s training in kinesiology, the science of human movement, and his mastery of traditional qigong and t’ai chi (taiji) resulted in his acclaimed book for practitioners and researchers, Taijiquan: The Art of NurturingThe Science of Power, and to numerous research publications that have documented important benefits of t’ai chi and qigong. 

Dr. Yang has taught his evidence-based program at the Mayo Clinic, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, and other major medical centers, helping healthcare providers, cancer patients and survivors deal with challenges of sleep, stress, fatigue, pain and balance, and achieve a sense of well-being. He now offers the program to the public through his online WaQi (Youthful Energy) platform.

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